by Bent Smile

remixed from "THE MINECRAFT QUIZ PART 1 1 1" by Usable Daisy

originally from "THE MINECRAFT QUIZ PART 1" by Orderly Spring



THE MINECRAFT QUIZ !!!! 1, a project made by Bent Smile using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Trivia, Quiz, Art


input/output, basic math, miscellaneous, program control, simple conditionals, visibility

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Text Snippets

  • hello. would you like to play the minecraft quiz?
  • no? than what are you even doing here!?
  • here you will have to put your minecraft skillz to the test.
  • but be carful, answer incorrectly, and you have to start all over.
  • plse like! do not copy!
  • 3....2....1.... ready se'go
  • question 1-10: yes or no? in most versions of minecraft, you can dye a wolf's collar.
  • question 2-10: yes or no? there is a 0.001℅ chance that the title will spawn as minceraft instead of minecraft.
  • question 3-10: iron golems and ocelots both do not take fall damage?
  • just iron golems
  • so close yet so far!
  • question 4-10: yes or no? ps3 edition is the most recent edition.
  • question 5-10: what is the rarest, diamonds or emeralds?
  • diamonds or emeralds?
  • diamonds are the rarest.
  • sorry, emeralds are the second rarest.
  • question 6-10: what is the hardest block to break by hand, bedrock or obsidian?
  • obsidian or bedrock?
  • you can't break bedrock with your hands, either!
  • you also cant break obsidian with your hands.
  • question 7-10: yes or no? wich spreads farther? water or lava?
  • water\lava or both the same amount
  • both the same amount
  • both spread the same amount.
  • question 8-10: true or false? minecraft ps3 edition now has minigames.
  • yes it does, battle and tumble (spleef)!
  • sorry, it does, battle ans tumble (spleef)!
  • question 9-10: yes or no? you can only hit a shulker when it's shell is open.
  • yes! otherwise it would be easy to kill!
  • final question! yes or no? can iron spawn on the surface like coal can?
  • nooooooo! you were so cloooose!!!!!!
  • congradulations! you completed the minecraft quiz!
  • i can make a part 2 if i get 100 likes and a part 3 if i get 200!
  • i've got to go now, so goodbye!


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