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The Jason Site

by Materialistic Muffin



The Jason Site, a project made by Materialistic Muffin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Art, Animation, Customizer


graphic effects, visibility, simple loops, simple messaging, delays, music and instruments, simple events, text handling, simple variables, input/output, variables, basic math, miscellaneous, detect conditions, pen color, advanced events, simple costume handling, advanced motion, simple drawing, functions, conditional loops, direction and turning, pen size, resize actor, string handling, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, layers, simple motion, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1400
  • #Actors:44
  • #Costumes:62
  • #Scripts:218

Text Snippets

  • drawing board label
  • Drawing board label
  • credit to pandadood for the art studio! credit to me! credit to michael chrichton. credit to my brother. credit to tynker. credit to kenzie. credit to oxegon so i will have time to make this project!
  • q. how do you get famous? a. um... well, i don’t know!
  • q. how old are you? a. i am eight years old.
  • q. how many usernames do you have? a. five! fond muffin, jason, irisandjason, and cultivated walnut.
  • q. do you play any instument? a. yes! i play the piano.
  • q. what is your favorite book? a. i don’t have a actual favorite. i like harry potter, my own comics, big nate, foxtrot, and calvin and hobbes.
  • q. what is your favorite movie. a. i don’t have one! the latest movie i saw was jurassic world fallen kingdom.
  • q. are these questions going to go on forever? a. no.
  • q. do you have a brother? a. yes! his username was nova evo, but then he changed it into jadeslayer.
  • q. how old is your brother? a. 10!
  • q. where do you live? a. china.
  • q. what is your actual name? a. too personal!
  • q. what is your favorite coder? a. all the coders out there are amazing! i like r3b3cca, kismat, girlgru, comet cat, squally, and more.
  • q. is this the last question? a. yes.
  • project sample label
  • my most liked game
  • my most liked project: dot dash! here’s a quick peek:
  • Project sample label
  • back to main menu
  • tips for new coders
  • you should first go and see other peoples projects. i don’t reccomend copying though. then you can expirement with coding blocks in your own project. when you think you know what most code blocks do, you can start making projects and publishing projects.
  • drawing for the month label
  • drawing for the month
  • Drawing for the month label
  • get a idea label
  • scratching it’s back
  • playing the saxaphone
  • Get a idea label
  • this is horrible
  • you remixed this, right?
  • jurrasic park music
  • lord neptune’s music(one of our bad guys in our comics)
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy 1
  • drawing copy copy 1

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