The Impossible IQ Test Ever

by Draconian Meteor



The Impossible IQ Test Ever, a project made by Draconian Meteor using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Trivia


input/output, basic math, functions, simple variables, lists, simple conditionals, variables, miscellaneous, advanced string handling, program control, simple events, conditional loops, delays, text handling

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Text Snippets

  • The Impossible IQ Test Ever
  • questions to finish the impossible iq test ever!
  • what is 3 plus 5 equal to?
  • choose only one of the signs to make this sentence make sense.
  • = equal to (or the same)
  • i have 50 apples. i share 50 apples with 10 people. how many apples does each person get?
  • i have 60 dirhams. i share 60 dirhams with 5 people. how many dirhams does each person get?
  • there was a movie named the boss baby.
  • there was no such movie named the boss baby.
  • your name is going to be "
  • enter your email
  • your email is going to be "
  • enter your password
  • your password is going to be "
  • is the correct answer!
  • is the incorrect answer!
  • questions correctly answered!
  • questions incorrectly answered!
  • you are doing this in
  • you did this in


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    drawing - drawing

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The Impossible IQ Test Ever