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The Gaming Quiz! ACT 3!!!

by Nine Increase



The Gaming Quiz! ACT 3!!!, a project made by Nine Increase using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Quiz, Game, Art, Trivia, Storytelling, Virtual Friend, My News, Social


basic math, simple conditionals, variables, delays, simple sound playing, simple variables, miscellaneous, simple loops

  • #Lines:550
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:17
  • #Scripts:88

Text Snippets

  • The Gaming Quiz! ACT 3!!!
  • center message box
  • you will be given 5 questions ready?...
  • what is nintendo's most popular game (by opinion)
  • super mario bros🕹
  • the legend of zelda⚔️
  • sorry that was a trick question to get you warmed up!
  • whats my most viewed game?
  • great... next question!
  • questions correct
  • sorry try again!
  • questions incorrect
  • what makes lego so good in the gaming world?
  • it goes great with everything gaming
  • what are you talking about?!?!
  • where does the chacter dohvahkiin come from?
  • welcome to the first anual gaming quiz!
  • created by smokeyandfriends!
  • dont forget to like!
  • which company made nes?
  • which company made the game halo?
  • who made minecraft?
  • which company is older?
  • which gaming youtuber is older?
  • new achivement: clean sweep
  • you have completed act one of the gaming quiz!
  • new stage unlocked!
  • choose a name to play as!
  • an unnamed player
  • just let me play!
  • i'll let that one slide...
  • i sentence you to restart the game!
  • achivements menu
  • what is h3// called in minecraft?
  • final question (good luck)
  • whats my one game that got rejected?
  • great... if you can find it theres a hidden act for you to try!
  • unlock hidden level
  • achivement: 10 star
  • bottom message box
  • wall (not broken)
  • this is a test of trial and error you have three lives
  • the new home (1)
  • welcome to the gaming quiz made by smokeyandfriends. any remix caught without this note will be reported tap the version to read update details
  • achivement get: no0b
  • finish act one first...
  • what is the hidden code
  • it seems you've got the code...
  • well... are you ready?
  • actually nevermind...
  • you are playing:
  • 1. menu ai update and fixed
  • 2. there is actually an act 3 now
  • the gaming quiz!!!!
  • achivement: no0b
  • awarded for joining the game
  • achivement: clean sweep
  • awarded for getting all questions right in act 1
  • awarded for finishing act one and two (no questions incorrect)