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the cooking quest 1

by Snappy Tidings

originally from "the cooking quest" by Overcooked Forest



the cooking quest 1, a project made by Snappy Tidings using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple events, visibility, simple messaging, simple motion, advanced costume handling, resize actor, simple loops, variables, input/output, simple conditionals, basic math, simple variables, delays, advanced motion, conditional loops, direction and turning, detect conditions, miscellaneous, program control, music and instruments

  • #Lines:730
  • #Actors:39
  • #Costumes:55
  • #Scripts:197

Text Snippets

  • the cooking quest 1
  • go to aquarium 2
  • ingredients collected
  • we are going to cook my own special recipe!
  • it is called beacoupe armoire!
  • the ingredients are: bacon, cheese, squid, bee stingers, and worm
  • go to the city to get the ingredients
  • if u need a reminder, just tap me!
  • 40 electric snare
  • yay you got the bacon!! get the rest of the ingredients!
  • hey! u need bacon, cheese, squid, bee stingers, and worm
  • ok u paid! have fun at the aquarium!
  • aquariumdoorexit
  • u got diamond! u sold it and got 1$
  • squidtank broken
  • squidtank broken2
  • squidtank broken3
  • woohoo!! u got the squid! now get the other ingredients!
  • magic cheese powder
  • cheese transform
  • you have succsesfully created cheese! there are still more ingredients though...
  • this flower could attract some bees... i need to find a place to plant it
  • if only there is was a way to get the bees to come out...
  • this looks like a good place to plant something...
  • i can plant the flower i got here
  • catch the bee with the net!
  • you got the bee! now go and fetch the other ingredients!!
  • did you like this game?
  • if you did, then please like this!
  • also, part 2 is coming very soon
  • in part 2 you will cook the recipe using all the ingredients you just got
  • my tynker account name is squidymrchicken so look for that
  • so peace out! bye