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The adventure for money! 🤑 1

by Psychedelic Haircut

originally from "The adventure for money! 🤑" by Bitter Bridge



The adventure for money! 🤑 1, a project made by Psychedelic Haircut using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, simple messaging, functions, delays, advanced costume handling, visibility, variables, simple events, simple conditionals, basic math, simple variables, text handling, layers, resize actor, simple loops, simple drawing

  • #Lines:203
  • #Actors:6
  • #Costumes:12
  • #Scripts:24

Text Snippets

  • The adventure for money! 🤑 1
  • you are a normal, middle school girl.
  • but you want to be popular.
  • so one day, you decide to make some money.
  • what are you going to do?
  • but you still need more money!
  • another 🤑 day!
  • you had went to school today.
  • your friend has asked what is your problem
  • you tell her that you are trying to make money.
  • she tells you that she will pay you if you play sports.
  • you then try hard in sports....
  • put money in the bank
  • horray! you got $10!
  • you now got a job at mcdonalds.
  • you help someone with their groceries.
  • you've decided to become a model.
  • everyone at your school knows you.
  • you are being more and more popular.
  • you are now made class president!
  • everyone wants to be your friend.
  • a girl had made lots of money! she had did chores, did sports, had a job at mcdonalds, helped someone with their groceries, and became a model! for all of this hard work, her homeroom teacher had made her class president! do all of these things to be like her too! -school news
  • as time goes by,
  • you finally made it in your last year of high school!
  • you have a job at wendy's
  • you had finally finished high school!
  • you are now in college!
  • you decide to be a artist.
  • you had now finished college and is now an artist!
  • everyone loves your hard work!
  • someone has stole your artwork!
  • you decide to draw more...
  • there is rumors around the city that someone is stealing the best artist's paintings and sculptures! please help us unlock the case to restore her money back! -world news
  • here is a lifesaver!
  • he had found your artwork!
  • horray! a young boy has found all of the art! now, the thief has been founded and arrested. the boy got over a million dollars to his parents and family. thanks to him, she can now make more art! -world news
  • you got so much money!
  • adventure for money is over! 🤑
  • this is hard work!
  • i can't go on anymore!
  • here is your money!
  • here is ten bucks.
  • i want you to be the class president.
  • you are very nice to your classmates.
  • what do you say?

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