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The 3 levels of goverment

by Capital Farmer



The 3 levels of goverment, a project made by Capital Farmer using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, Quiz


input/output, delays, advanced motion, miscellaneous, basic math, simple conditionals, simple events

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  • The 3 levels of goverment
  • the three levels of goverment
  • federal goverment
  • hi today i am going to tell you about the 3 levels of goverment then i will do a quiz!
  • as you probably already know there are 3 levels of goverment; federal, state and local
  • each level of goverment have their own speicial jobs.
  • lets start with federal
  • the federal governent is in charge of the whole country
  • the federal goverment is based canberra at parliament house and led by our prime minister.
  • they cover issues like immagration, marriage, communication, taxation, defence and foreign affairs
  • now let me tell you a bit about the state goverment
  • the state goverment contains australia's 6 states (victoria, western australia, new south wales, south australia, northern territory and tasmania).
  • led by the state premier, they cover issues like schools, hospitals, roads, railways, electricity, water, mining and agriculture
  • if federal and state conflict on a situation, federal will always overide state
  • last of all i'm going to talk to you about the local goverment
  • the local goverments in australia are made up of more than 560 councils
  • each led by the local member of parliament, they cover issues such as local roads, parks, rubbish collection, librarys, street signs and pet control
  • now we are going to do the quiz
  • 1. around how many local councils are there in australia; 650, 560, 425
  • bad luck but the correct answer was 560
  • lets go on to the next question
  • 2. which goverment is in charge of education?
  • bad luck but the correct answer was state
  • 3. how many states in australia?
  • bad luck but the correct answer was 6
  • 4. where is the federal goverment based?
  • parlement house in canbera
  • bad luck but the correct answer was parlement house in canbera
  • 5. what happens when state and federal conflict in their ideas?
  • federal overides state goverment.
  • bad luck but the correct answer was federal overides state goverment.
  • i hope you have learnt alot about the 3 levels of goverment. thanks for listening


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