Tank Game by Lucas V 1.1

by Doggyo4



Welcome to Tank Game V 1.1! HOW TO PLAY First press start, you are the light green tank. to win you must defeat the enemy tank. The green squares above the tanks represent life's both tanks start with three lives. CONTROLS Forward= Up Arrow Backwards= Down Arrow Tuning= Left and Right Arrows Tap Mouse to Shoot. NOTES This game is in beta and you may experience lag witch causes bugs, I have tried to fix this, but haven't been able to. Before hitting start wait a couple seconds. Check out my other projects, like my shooter game. Please remix and support! CREDITS All art and coding is original except for the tank on the start screen win/lost screen. Art and coding by DOGGYO4 (Lucas) THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Game, Simulator, Animation, Remake, Battle, Cool / Wow, Arcade


simple events, visibility, simple variables, basic math, simple conditionals, delays, simple loops, detect conditions, advanced motion, simple motion, conditional loops, direction and turning, cloning, advanced math, layers, variables, screen bounds, program control, advanced costume handling

  • #Lines:318
  • #Actors:16
  • #Costumes:16
  • #Scripts:41


  • background scene - tank for coding
    background scene - tank for coding
  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Tank1 - actor
    Tank1 - actor
  • Tank - actor
    Tank - actor
  • Barrel - Tank
    Barrel - Tank
  • actor - actor
    actor - actor
  • Barrel1 - Tank
    Barrel1 - Tank
  • Drawing - Drawing
    Drawing - Drawing
  • Drawing1 - Drawing
    Drawing1 - Drawing
  • Drawing2 - Drawing
    Drawing2 - Drawing
  • actor1 - actor
    actor1 - actor
  • Drawing3 - Drawing
    Drawing3 - Drawing
  • Drawing11 - Drawing
    Drawing11 - Drawing
  • Drawing21 - Drawing
    Drawing21 - Drawing
  • actor2 - actor
    actor2 - actor
  • actor3 - 1
    actor3 - 1
  • actor4 - 1
    actor4 - 1
  • actor5 - actor
    actor5 - actor

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Tank Game by Lucas V 1.1
by Doggyo4
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