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talking with Lily 1

by Happygolucky Aphid



talking with Lily 1, a project made by Happygolucky Aphid using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple sound playing, delays

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Text Snippets

  • talking with Lily 1
  • hi i am lily and you’re going to be talking with me
  • please please please like
  • please don’t copy
  • what do you want to do
  • for we do that then we have to play some music and listen to the music and dance
  • so i want to ask you a few questions before we can do something
  • what is your name
  • what is your favorite animal
  • what game you play
  • what kind of character do you like in disney
  • great job ok now we can play
  • or we can dance or we can play a song
  • i don’t really know what you’re choosing sorry guys so we’re gonna have to do something simple
  • i forgot i need to give you one more question please answer it
  • do you like among us
  • ok ok ok ok ok ok i will play with you
  • i guess i’m gonna sing you a song....
  • twinkle twinkle little star
  • forget the rest of this song but i know the first settings twinkle twinkle little star oh no now it’s stuck in my head
  • but i sing a song that i actually like
  • my favorite song is called dance to forget
  • going to sing a song dance to forget
  • this seems like a life a time ago
  • that i saw the gold sunshine glow
  • no, it doesn’t reach down below
  • shadows become the light
  • here are the monsters hide
  • normal is just a dream
  • for all the ghosts like me
  • i hate my metal bones
  • my bones and gears creak in my chest
  • my chest forever cold
  • a cold and maddening descent
  • descending down so far
  • far fall farther till there’s nothing left
  • im left here in the dark the dark
  • i dance to forget
  • this is my penitentiary
  • lock the door throw away the key
  • and let my dance resume
  • down in a pitch black room
  • my bones in and gears creak in my chest
  • descending down so far
  • farfar father till there’s nothing left
  • i’m left here in the dark the dark
  • come now dance with me
  • as the song plays
  • down down dance with me

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