Talk to the Stickman

by Amazing Heat



Talk to the Stickman, a project made by Amazing Heat using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple conditionals, basic math

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Text Snippets

  • Talk to the Stickman
  • do you know who i am?
  • what is your name?
  • no you dont! my name is stickman
  • do you know what stickman adventures are?
  • no you dont because it is not invented yet
  • do you want to go to the movies?
  • stickman crazyness
  • the movie about nothing
  • whelp, then your on your own.
  • what snack shoud we get
  • well im not going. bye
  • good choice. now lets watch the movie!
  • good choice! now lets watch the movie!
  • the name is stickman.
  • do you like tigers
  • awesome! so do i!
  • do you want to go to the cookie store and sell them out of cookies?
  • no way. im leaving. bye.
  • which type of cookie should we get first?
  • man, im only gonna rob the cookie store.
  • cool, let’s go rob that cookie store
  • wait, you never said anything about robbing!
  • im just gonna go... bye.
  • well is what im gonna do, you with me
  • ok. sorry. i wont rob the store.
  • my name is stickman
  • what do like more
  • finally someone says pizza! everyone says sushi! i like pizza to.
  • how about we try to go on a trip to mars
  • wouldn’t that be dangerous
  • c’mon! everyone says sushi! but i like pizza.
  • we should try to go on a trip to mars!
  • let’s find out!
  • i dont think so...
  • to the spaceship!
  • then ill go without you. bye.
  • the nearest spaceship is 100,000 miles away! let’s go!
  • yeah, are you coming or not
  • ok. it will take about 50 years to get there!
  • ok, your on your own.
  • ok your on your own.


  • background scene - Volcano Meadow
    background scene - Volcano Meadow
  • drawing - drawing
    drawing - drawing

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