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susie Blitz’s Boss

by Smiling Octopus



susie Blitz’s Boss, a project made by Smiling Octopus using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Cool / Wow, Arcade, Battle, Remake, Photo, Animation


delays, simple loops, simple conditionals, conditional loops, miscellaneous, basic math, simple variables, advanced math, variables

  • #Lines:2568
  • #Actors:93
  • #Costumes:116
  • #Scripts:335

Text Snippets

  • susie Blitz’s Boss
  • select difficulty.
  • first boss: marx
  • fourth boss: cowdog
  • the cacti bandit
  • fifth boss: mooties crowd
  • pharaoh mummy iii appears!
  • sixth boss: shadow mooties crowd
  • a big wave is coming...
  • warning: a big wave is coming...
  • dolphins are coming...
  • seventh boss: basketballs
  • spinning dolphin of death
  • lord dolphin is coming
  • king dolphin defeated
  • eighth boss: the octopus
  • ninth boss: snowball army
  • the snowball army
  • second boss: whispy woods
  • snowball army defeated
  • the dragon cometh
  • tenth boss: shadow kirby
  • the puppet master
  • final boss: lava kirby
  • i’m gonna suck you up!
  • third boss: party pooper
  • sand spirit defeat
  • drawing copy copy
  • sand spirit defeat star
  • run cactus! run!
  • cactus bullet bomb
  • pharaoh mummy iii
  • barrel o’ dolphins
  • kraken tentacle1
  • kraken tentacle11
  • kraken tentacle111
  • kraken tentacle1111
  • kraken tentacle11111
  • cannonball base1
  • snowball commander
  • cannon snowball1
  • cannon snowball11
  • puppet master outline
  • rotating death beam
  • the final attack
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy copy
  • puppet master outline1
  • the death of the master