project screenshot

Super Mario Toolbox

by Serpentine Honesty

remixed from "mario builder 1" by Halting Gravity

originally from "[OLD] Super Mario Toolbox" by Supreme Copy



Super Mario Toolbox, a project made by Serpentine Honesty using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Platformer, Photo


simple variables, basic math, functions, variables, simple conditionals, advanced math, string handling, delays, lists, miscellaneous, advanced string handling, platformer basics, simple loops, expert math

  • #Lines:5882
  • #Actors:93
  • #Costumes:298
  • #Scripts:811

Text Snippets

  • Super Mario Toolbox
  • global pause play
  • select a trigger to run
  • autoscroll speed
  • touching ground?
  • pipe-bottom-warp
  • center message box
  • select an amount
  • tap again to set a warp location.
  • pipe-bottom-warp,
  • place type store
  • round to nearest
  • type an autoscroll speed
  • select an actor to move
  • select place to move it to
  • please enter a time to move for
  • set autoscroll to...
  • set an autoscroll speed
  • select an item in the content
  • select a position to create
  • super mario toolbox
  • please name your level:
  • please name yourself
  • this is the editor screen were you can make the levels of your dream’s.
  • welcome to super mario toolbox!