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Super Bacon Clicker 1 1

by Impractical Percussion

originally from "BaconatoršŸ„“ 2.21" by Beautiful Bell



Super Bacon Clicker 1 1, a project made by Impractical Percussion using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Clicker, Cool / Wow


variables, simple variables, delays, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, functions, simple loops

  • #Lines:770
  • #Actors:52
  • #Costumes:62
  • #Scripts:122

Text Snippets

  • Super Bacon Clicker 1 1
  • achievement: bacin some oil
  • achievement: macon bacin
  • achievement: starting bacon
  • achievement: galactical bacon
  • achievement: universal bacon
  • achievement: you can stop now!
  • achievement: how?
  • achievement: i canā€™t stop!
  • achievement: clicker!
  • achievement: the clicker
  • achievement: mini power
  • achievement: looooot
  • achievement: cute pigs
  • achievement: i cannot eet!
  • achievement: studies!
  • achievement: hidden from the world
  • achievement: wall of oil
  • achievement: world-famous bacon
  • meanwhile, try to get 19 trillion bacon
  • if you get lots of bacon per click, its not a glitch. i was testing if everything worked. :)
  • next update:still fixing glitches and- sorry, i dont know to add... :(
  • you get rewards from achievements now!
  • click me to get bacon!
  • summon mini bac2
  • summon mini bac3
  • u cant buy dis......
  • error! try again latte.
  • you dont have enough.
  • are you sure you want to buy this? it cause undesired effects...
  • you cannot buy this.....
  • summon mini bac4

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