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StikWarz Clicker 1

by Ordinary Cat

originally from "StikWarz Clicker" by A Toaster



StikWarz Clicker 1, a project made by Ordinary Cat using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Clicker, Cool / Wow, Stick Figure, Photo


delays, simple variables, variables, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, expert math, basic math

  • #Lines:387
  • #Actors:34
  • #Costumes:44
  • #Scripts:78

Text Snippets

  • StikWarz Clicker 1
  • welcome to stikwarz clicker!
  • i actually pretty much duplicated clicker and changed everything.
  • also, go check out this tynkerer: coder.(excuse his plain name) he's my friend, and he advertised me lol
  • tu es brok (a.k.a you are broke lol)
  • bomm bommmbmlofsjidhvisdgvusdgvy
  • drawing111111111
  • hello sir, do ya wanna nuke all 'r cash?
  • yes please strange person
  • mission succesful
  • alright, next time you have some cash, heres the place to burn it!
  • bruh you dont even have money