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StickQuestBossBlitzDemo 1

by Physical Ecosystem

originally from "StickQuestBossBlitzDemo " by Pumped Llama



StickQuestBossBlitzDemo 1, a project made by Physical Ecosystem using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


delays, cloning, simple messaging, visibility, advanced motion, detect conditions, advanced animation, simple events, simple loops, advanced costume handling, advanced events, simple conditionals, variables, resize actor, simple motion, basic math, conditional loops, simple variables, direction and turning, input/output, layers, miscellaneous, text handling, advanced math, graphic effects, expert math, conditional wait

  • #Lines:3519
  • #Actors:132
  • #Costumes:187
  • #Scripts:466

Text Snippets

  • StickQuestBossBlitzDemo 1
  • what happened next
  • that day was the beginning of a new age of peace and prosperity for the land in the game called stick quest.
  • destroying the darkness
  • armed with the crystals, the hero repelled the darkness, bringing the land once again into happiness.
  • with set defeated, morgan was put on trial.
  • everyone knew she was guilty, but her lawyer was really good.
  • court morgan convicted
  • however, even though she didn’t get in trouble for trying to destroy the universe, she did get in trouble for not paying her taxes.
  • have fun in jail morgan! :d
  • thank you for all the support. i’m glad you could enjoy the adventure known as stick quest.
  • thanks for playing
  • hi, how are you?
  • since saving the world and all that stuff in the last games, i figured you’d be bored.
  • so i found an ancient structure who has a wizard inside that summons back your greatest enemies to test you!
  • no need to thank me...i already now you’re very thankful. now bye! have fun!
  • oh! by the way, going into the arena adds three new buttons!
  • would you like to know how they work?
  • i hate learning.
  • great! so first, the two star buttons with arrows on them.
  • when you push them, they will launch a star from the direction the arrow points to.
  • the strength of the star launched depends on how much stars you collect when launching it. if they hit a boss it deals damage.
  • you need to have at least one star in order to use these buttons. you can get stars from a boss’s attacks.
  • the other button keeps track of how much stars you have.
  • well, that’s the tutorial!
  • now good luck! bye for real now!
  • the final challenge
  • whispy woods battle
  • boss: guardian of the forest: whispy woods
  • twin pandas battle
  • boss: dual defenders: twin panda pets
  • cycloptic stormcloud: kracko
  • kracko core’s electric sky
  • electrical eye: kracko core
  • sammy scientist battle
  • sammy scientist’s lair
  • maniacal madman: sammy scientist
  • demon sword battle
  • the ruined temple
  • slicer of souls: demon blade
  • whispy woods battle
  • kracko’s sky temple
  • Platforms Template
  • Whispy Woods Battle
  • Kracko’s Sky Temple
  • Sammy Scientist’s Lair
  • The Ruined Temple
  • shadow set battle
  • the arena select
  • the arena select1
  • whispy woods boss battle door
  • star launch left
  • star launch right
  • whispy woods hit
  • sammy scientist hit
  • sammy scientist hp
  • whispy final phase
  • whispy woods background
  • whispyapplestarfalling
  • twin pandas boss battle door
  • the black mirror
  • the power of the mirror
  • drawing copy copy
  • panda 1 spike ball
  • panda 2 spike ball
  • kracko boss battle door
  • kracko lightning
  • kracko electro ball
  • is kracko alive?
  • kracko core lightning
  • kracko core star drop
  • kracko core electro ball1
  • core bolt wavei1
  • kracko core outer layer
  • sammy scientist boss battle door
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • sammmy shockwave 1
  • sammmy shockwave 11
  • drawing copy 1 copy
  • drawing copy 1 copy copy
  • drawing copy 1 copy copy copy copy
  • omega electric laser
  • electro laser shoot
  • demon sword boss battle door
  • a sword with an eye
  • the black mirror1
  • demon sword star
  • the power of the eye
  • demon sword shockwave left
  • demon sword shockwave right
  • big explosion demon sword
  • demon sword star drop1
  • bigger explosion demon sword1
  • drawing1 copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy copy copy
  • drawing1 copy copy copy copy copy copy
  • demon sword death
  • flame attack 111
  • flame attack 1111
  • flame attack 211
  • flame attack 2111
  • flame attack 21111
  • flame attack 211111
  • flame attack 2111111
  • flame attack 21111111
  • flame attack 211111111
  • black eye defeated
  • bigger explosion demon sword11
  • bigger explosion demon sword111
  • bigger explosion demon sword1111
  • bigger explosion demon sword11111
  • bigger explosion demon sword1112
  • bigger explosion demon sword111111
  • the black mirror11
  • sammy scientist1
  • whispy woods background1

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