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Starship Fighter 1

by Easy Skeleton

originally from "Starship Fighter" by Ingenious Studios



Starship Fighter 1, a project made by Easy Skeleton using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




basic math, advanced costume handling, delays, cloning, simple variables, simple conditionals, simple messaging, detect conditions, simple motion, simple events, visibility, variables, simple loops, conditional wait, simple sound playing, advanced math, direction and turning, advanced motion, advanced events, layers, input/output, music and instruments, resize actor, text handling, advanced messaging, simple costume handling, conditional loops, program control, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:898
  • #Actors:36
  • #Costumes:129
  • #Scripts:88

Text Snippets

  • Starship Fighter 1
  • bleach (does nothing)
  • <-- i have no idea why i did this and why i keep it here...
  • maybe because its a work of art ;)
  • we are going to continue updates! check the changelog to see future updates!
  • well anyways, here you go.
  • starship fighter!
  • good guy ship b2
  • good guy ship b3
  • bad guy ship b12
  • bad guy ship b121
  • bad guy ship b1211
  • bad guy ship b11
  • good guy ship B1
  • good guy ship B2
  • good guy ship B3
  • good guy ship a3
  • good guy ship A1
  • good guy ship A2
  • good guy ship A3