Star Wars Super Test

by Loud Ocean



Ask a question with multiple choice answers. Can you build a game of 20 questions?


Game, Trivia


input/output, conditional loops, basic math, text handling

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Text Snippets

  • welcome to the star wars quiz!! 😄
  • we are happy to see you
  • keep track of your score. if you answer wrong then get it right, count that as wrong, ok?
  • let's start! question 1.
  • in the battle of hoth, what machine did the imperials used which is about 30 feet high?
  • none are with me.
  • wow! yoda sensed that.
  • which sith lord could not defeat two people who never used a lightsaber before?
  • hooray! it is true.
  • who is darth vader's son in law?
  • good. greedo was a dumb idea anyways.
  • hello question 4!
  • who killed anakin skywalker's mother.
  • you're g-r-r-r-reat!
  • in episode vii, what color was c-3po's arm?
  • problemo #6 💃🏾
  • in episode iv, when obi wan cut the weird creature's hand, what language does he speak?
  • augh! i ran out of questions!
  • like this project for more quizes. i will need 15 likes!
  • bye bye for now!
  • hey do not forget these new games
  • pig invasion 🐖


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