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ßeach Attack KittenYum

by Fuzzy Wolf



ßeach Attack KittenYum, a project made by Fuzzy Wolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling


input/output, advanced costume handling, delays

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Text Snippets

  • ßeach Attack KittenYum
  • intro: characters
  • in this story your going to know how the world was saved from
  • the zombie apocalypse!
  • but first let me intro you with the characters.
  • ok play the roll!
  • (producer) it all starts at the ßeach!
  • (saphire) hey, joanne?
  • (joanne) yes saphire?
  • (saphire)do you know how we got on the ßeach?
  • (joanne) i have no idea!
  • we all blacked out at the same time and when we were on the floor...
  • i heard the door smashed open and i felt like if we were being dragged.
  • (michel) that's what i felt too. then later when i woke up before you guys there was this green guy...
  • he didn't look normal.
  • then after a few mins. yous guys start screaming when you woke up...
  • then you guys were crawling on the sand then you started to make weird noices.
  • (saphire and joanne) we don't remember that.
  • (joanne) then how come we can't remeber!
  • (michel) all i remmeber that we were having breakfast together and then...
  • the glass broke and darts went into your necks then i got darted.
  • then here we are, on the ßeach.
  • (saphire)ok lets go before they send out a "search party".
  • (michel and joanne) ok!
  • (joanne) so since we can't remeber then we need to find our way back home.
  • but first we have to find out what "green guy" is michel talking about.
  • (saphire)so this is the guy you were talking about?
  • (zombie) ßrains!
  • (michel) run!!!!!!
  • (joanne) ok i think we lost him.
  • (saphire) do you think there will be a "all zombies stop" button?
  • (joanne) there is no such thin--
  • (michel) look over there! it says "stop all zombies"!
  • (joanne) whaat?!
  • stop all zombies
  • (joanne) i guess your right.
  • (saphire) let's go save the world then!
  • (michel) we found the button. now we can stop the zombies.
  • im going to press the button.
  • (button) *beep* are you sure you want to stop all zombies?
  • (button) *beep* would you like pizza while you wait?
  • (michel, joanne, and saphire) yes!!!!

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ßeach Attack KittenYum