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Splatoon M (BETA) v1.1.0 1

by TynkerNictem

originally from "Splatoon M (BETA) v1.1.0 1" by General Ghost



Splatoon M (BETA) v1.1.0 1, a project made by TynkerNictem using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Animals


delays, visibility, simple messaging, advanced costume handling, simple events, input/output, advanced motion, basic math, layers, miscellaneous, simple motion, simple loops, program control, simple conditionals, variables, resize actor, direction and turning, detect conditions, simple variables, simple costume handling, graphic effects, color detection, advanced math, conditional loops, text handling

  • #Lines:984
  • #Actors:47
  • #Costumes:144
  • #Scripts:176

Text Snippets

  • estudiospresents
  • nintendoassoc.intro
  • characterselect1
  • choose an inkling!
  • are you sure you’re cool with this? you can totally change it later if you want to!
  • hey! welcome to the piazza, one of the most popular hangouts in inkopolis!
  • hmm. you seem a bit fresh.
  • say, would you like a tour?
  • hmm. you seem a bit fresh here.
  • ok, then! let’s start.
  • the large building to your top-right is hammerhead tower, one of the several towers in inkopolis!
  • you can go in hammerhead tower to battle your friends and play minigames, as well as level up.
  • to your left is the seashell shopping center. you can buy hats, shirts, shoes, and weapons here. unfortunately, all the shops are still under construction. if you check back later, they might be open.
  • to the bottom right, you can enter the firing range. use this to test out your skills with a weapon!
  • well, that’s it! you should go into hammerhead tower and try out some of the games with your friends!
  • ok! i’m sure you know your way around this place. have fun!
  • entercodeselect1
  • enter a digital download or save code. do not include dashes. the format for the code will follow as: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
  • account logged in: enderking05.
  • account logged in: nolo2gogo.
  • haha. either you’re a good guesser, or you looked at the coding. nonetheless, dlc for splatoon m is coming. allof the map and weapon updates will be free, and the following dlc will be promotional or if i know you. you can find it in the ender os’ store.
  • account logged in: bdogterminator.
  • account logged in: dretheking26.
  • account logged in: carkito57.
  • code invalid. please use a different code.
  • the sign on the door reads “closed for remodeling”.
  • you’re gonna need 2 or more mobile devices to play. cool?
  • balloonbattlestart1
  • start a balloon battle? if you don’t know how to play, you can ask for a tutorial.
  • tutorial, please!
  • balloon battle is one of the minigames in splatoon m. the objective is to pop as many balloons as you can in 1 minute. the winner is the player who popped the most balloons. the results will be displayed at the end of the match. *two or more players and seperate mobile devices will be required to play this minigame.*
  • balloonbattlestart2
  • balloonbattlestart3
  • balloonbattlearena
  • balloon battle! pop as many balloons as you can to win!
  • balloonbattlestart4
  • boycharacterselecticon
  • welcome to the information kiosk! splatoon owned by nintendo. splatoon m made by enderking. splatoon m: v1.1.0 all rights go to nintendo. this is just a fan-made game! do not copy. all copies will be reported.
  • what would you like to ask?
  • the different stores in the seashell shopping center contain weapons, shirts, hats, and shoes. ammo knights, the weapon store, is run by sheldon. go talk to him if you want to step up your shooting! headspace, run by flo, sells headgear. annie, her daughter, has moved her store online because of her shop being overcrowded all the time. all stores in the center have their gear shipped to them by annie. jelonzo and jelfonzo, the fashion brothers, now run their store, jelly bros. clothing, in a partnership. they will supply you with shirts and jackets. bisk, owner of shella fresh, will sell you shoes. no idea where his cousin sean is, though.
  • hammerhead tower is the place to battle and hang out with your friends. you can go head to head in minigames, or battle it out in turf war.
  • splatoon m is a splatoon fan game made by enderking. splatoon is a game created by nintendo for the wii u and nintendo switch where squid-like creatures called inklings battle to cover as much ground as possible with their ink. splatoon m is a toned-down, ios and android version of both splatoon 1 and 2 combined. please, do not copy this project. all copies will be reported. game version: v1.1.0
  • balloonbattleend1
  • balloonbattletimer
  • inkballoonbattle
  • balloonbattlegainpoint1
  • balloonbattlescore
  • balloonbattleresultwall
  • balloonbattleend2
  • girlcharacterselecticon

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Splatoon M (BETA) v1.1.0 1
Splatoon M (BETA) v1.1.0 1