by Amazing Mystery

originally from "Tell Your Lunar Gateway Story" by Original Queen



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Text Snippets

  • hi everyone today im going to give you a review
  • i will talk about the planets
  • planet number one mercury
  • mercury is the closest planet to the sun
  • mercury is a small planet its the size of are moon
  • its really hot on mercury no one can live their
  • planet number two venus
  • venus and earth are close to the same size they both have
  • mountains,plains and valleys
  • venus is the evening star because its so bright in our night sky
  • planet number three earth
  • earth is are home planet an only has one moon
  • it is the only planet in our soler system
  • that contains oceans, rivers and oxogen
  • planet number four mars
  • mars is called the red planet beacuse the dirt on mars has a lot of iorn
  • the iorn got rusted wich gave it its red look
  • planet number five jupiter
  • jupiter is the largest planet in our soler system it could fit all the planets
  • somthing cool about jupiter is that their is big gas storm of lightning bolts
  • the storm is called the great red spot
  • saturn the sixth planet
  • saturn is the planet that spins rapidly
  • it is beliveved that their are over 1,000 surrounding saturn
  • saturn has many moons its largest moon is called titan
  • uranus the seventh planet
  • uranus has a thin set of rings
  • neptune the eight planet
  • neptune also has a set of rings
  • they are really hard to see
  • that is the end please leave a like if you enjoyed it


  • background scene - Earth Moon 1
    background scene - Earth Moon 1
  • Drummer - Astronaut 8
    Drummer - Astronaut 8