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Space wars! 2.0

by Ńíçkāãń



Space wars! 2.0, a project made by Ńíçkāãń using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, Dodging


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, simple loops, functions, advanced events, variables, detect conditions, delays, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, simple motion, advanced motion, simple costume handling, program control, basic math, simple variables, text handling, input/output, resize actor, cloning, simple conditionals, screen bounds, conditional loops, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:683
  • #Actors:33
  • #Costumes:103
  • #Scripts:167

Text Snippets

  • Space wars! 2.0
  • oh no! it’s raining planets! on this level, dodge the planets!
  • tilt the screen to move. tap the screen to shoot. don’t forget to leave a like!
  • good guy ship a3
  • bad guy ship a1111
  • bad guy ship a11111
  • bad guy ship a11
  • bad guy ship a111111
  • bad guy ship a111
  • bad guy ship a1111111
  • good guy ship A3
  • in this game, you are the blue ship, the other ships are trying to attack you. your score changes as you defeat the ships. can you beat them all?
  • bad guy ship a11111111
  • bad guy ship a111111111
  • bad guy ship a1111111111