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Space Invaders Extreme.1

by Wellworn Artist



Space Invaders Extreme.1, a project made by Wellworn Artist using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade, FPS


simple messaging, visibility, delays, cloning, detect conditions, advanced events, simple loops, resize actor, simple events, music and instruments, direction and turning, simple motion, basic math, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, input/output, simple variables, simple costume handling, conditional loops

  • #Lines:605
  • #Actors:21
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:137

Text Snippets

  • Space Invaders Extreme.1
  • this is not a copy of the original space invaders! many new functionalities have been added, along with numerous lagfixes and an insane difficulty spike. happy gaming/coding, 4/4/16 matthew
  • beware if shots hit the sides. touch y has been added to counteract this. thanks, matthew 3/29/16
  • please do not copy. this is the works of matthew and simon. our symbol on all are games from now on will be this: m&s games c° if you don't see this in a game, then it is not ours. thanks! -simon
  • thanks for playing! (changes from the v.1.0 can be found in the changes button!) -m&s games c°
  • 40 electric snare
  • what tempo would you like your music to be at?
  • you didn't hear anything!
  • drawingothergamesbymatthewandsimon
  • changes: changed some enemy designs, changed parts of the music; added y movement, theres a tempo button; some "secrets"; enemy bullets are now more dynamic; you should shoot slightly faster ( .05 seconds ); title should be "spazing" out before making a stop; enemy spaceships should move faster ( 1 pixels and -.0001 secs ); we changed shot mechanics; we "changed” the spaceship designs, and other boring 'bugs'. thanks for your time! -simon
  • psst... play the game!