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Soccer Pong Alpha 2 1

by Ordinary Cashier

originally from "Soccer Pong ALPHA" by Ingenious Studios



Soccer Pong Alpha 2 1, a project made by Ordinary Cashier using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Sports, Multiplayer, Art, Social, My News


simple messaging, simple events, detect conditions, text handling, conditional loops, advanced motion, simple sound playing, simple motion, input/output, advanced events, simple loops, direction and turning, visibility, simple conditionals, variables, resize actor, advanced math, layers, music and instruments, basic math, screen bounds, simple variables, simple costume handling, advanced costume handling, delays

  • #Lines:283
  • #Actors:32
  • #Costumes:43
  • #Scripts:74

Text Snippets

  • Soccer Pong Alpha 2 1
  • thanks to whoever made the first soccer pong alpha 1 for inspiring me to make it better
  • do you think i should make a control panel for 2 v 2?
  • only 1 player can move at a time. we have attempted to fix it but failed.
  • 1. server is chosen by a game of rock paper scissors. 2. only the player with the ball on their side may move. 3. have fun!
  • 80 % bigger size
  • 2 % smaller size
  • friendly partnership music
  • chivalrous music
  • holiday - electric piano
  • sci fi adventure music
  • holiday - melody
  • serious mood music
  • Holiday - electric piano
  • Holiday - melody
  • we will rock you music
  • take me out for the ball game music
  • 20 % bigger size

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