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Slither o funnest game in the world

by Maroon Fog



Slither o funnest game in the world, a project made by Maroon Fog using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


basic math, simple variables, advanced math, variables, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, functions, simple loops, delays, advanced loops, expert math, string handling, advanced string handling

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  • Slither o funnest game in the world
  • geeeyyybiiiishhopp
  • micro
  • “originally” by bt-yt (bo tie) (credit to steve howse, who made the original!)
  • hello welcome to slither o hit the heart if you like it
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  • === instructions === use your mouse or finger to control your snake. eat the dots to grow. if the other snakes run into you, they die and drop food that you can eat. don’t bump into the other snakes, or it’s game over!
  • about: micro is a fan-made game based off of the very popular io game, (and i’m surprised that i’ve gotten 1.3m views from it!) huge thanks to my friend ethan for making the snake body, and for inspiring me to make this game!
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  • we did it. we’ve made tynker history. 21,000 likes! i can’t thank you all enough for helping this project reach first place on tynker!
  • leave a ♥️ if you enjoy!
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  • note: this game is no longer being updated.
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Slither o funnest game in the world