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School Simulator

by Childlike Lagoon

remixed from "School Simulator" by Nappy Catch

originally from "School Roleplay" by Witty Pattern



School Simulator, a project made by Childlike Lagoon using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Storytelling, Simulator, Stick Figure, Role Playing


delays, basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals

  • #Lines:139
  • #Actors:2
  • #Costumes:2
  • #Scripts:4

Text Snippets

  • School Simulator
  • first period: literature
  • you are a student, your first class is english class
  • *everyone acts up during class while the teacher falls aspeep*
  • talk with your friends
  • *the teacher wakes up and gives the class detention*
  • *when the teacher wakes up, she only gives detention to those who were talking*
  • second period: math
  • next period: math
  • the teacher asks the following questions:
  • "good job, you get a homework pass!"
  • nope, the teacher suggests tutor
  • third period: geography
  • next period: geography
  • the teacher talks and talks about some 18th century village
  • you're geting bored
  • force yourself to pay attention
  • quietly text your friends
  • *the teacher asks a question and you get a homework pass for answering correctly*
  • *the teacher asks a question and you are incorrect*
  • you get to choose your next class! which one?
  • physical education
  • first scene of art
  • next period: art
  • you need to draw the mona lisa, this is simple art
  • second scene of art
  • third scene of art
  • fourth scene of art
  • last scene of art
  • the teacher likes your drawing! :)
  • first scene of p.e
  • next period: p.e
  • today we will be swimming.
  • second scene of p.e
  • thats all, good job! now go to lunch
  • the lunch for today is...
  • a special talking hamburger
  • and some milk, enjoy!
  • last period: grammar
  • the teacher asks the following questions...
  • which one actually means "they are"
  • awesome possum! you get a homework pass!
  • nope, but nice try!
  • the day is over now... but wait!
  • for staying so long you get an aftermath!!!!!
  • did you get a detention (pls don't lie)
  • you've got to serve detention!
  • detention countdown: 3
  • detentions over, but you have a very angry mother on your hands!
  • very angry mother scene
  • "how could you get detention?!" your mother yells
  • mom picks you up
  • *your mother picks you up from school*
  • we're at home but look at that we have 3 homework worksheets!
  • how many homework passes did you get? (pls don't lie)
  • you've still gotta do two!
  • wow, just one more!
  • wow, smarty pants!
  • liar, you could only earn 3 you have lost all your homework passes (if you had any) and have to do every single worksheet!
  • thanks for being honest!
  • you still have to do the worksheets though!
  • thanks for playing, lets get 1000 likes!! thank you for playing :)!
  • don’t talk in class