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scepticeye sam beta

by Orange Fruitfly



scepticeye sam beta, a project made by Orange Fruitfly using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Arcade


simple variables, delays, visibility, advanced costume handling, basic math, advanced events, simple motion, advanced motion, simple events, miscellaneous, direction and turning, detect conditions, expert physics, simple conditionals, simple loops, program control, functions, advanced math, text handling, advanced messaging, simple messaging, layers, input/output, resize actor, basic physics, screen bounds, expert math

  • #Lines:516
  • #Actors:17
  • #Costumes:84
  • #Scripts:56

Text Snippets

  • scepticeye sam beta
  • wing mid rainbow
  • wing down rainbow
  • wing down green 2
  • wing mid outline
  • wing down outline
  • wing up outline
  • wing mid green 2
  • wing down yellow
  • wing down orange
  • wing up outline copy
  • wing down purple
  • wing down black & gold
  • wing up black & gold
  • wing mid black & gold