Ruby Wolf part 4

by Cakewolf



Ruby Wolf part 4, a project made by Cakewolf using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling, Animals

Text Snippets

  • previously on ruby wolf...
  • after seeing keepers destroyed home, the two wolves come up with a theory that they'res a hidden shadow dimension portal.
  • because how else would the dragon moon get there?
  • mystery explains her theory to icefly, who doesn't like it and stops her from seeing keeper.
  • mystery manages to get out, and goes to keeper, where they start their quest.
  • they run into an emerald wolf, who they don't kill. the emerald wolf is grateful, and gives the wolves a teleport stone.
  • mystery and keeper find its match, and it teleports them to a young emerald dragon lair.
  • meanwhile nearby...
  • maybe they'res clues in the lair.
  • ok, let's find it.
  • and the dragon head must be where we are- the lair.
  • rex! it's me mystery and keeper. come in.
  • i can't. we're on a quest.
  • yeah. according to my book, this lair used to also be for ruby dragons as well, until they went extinct.
  • it also says they'res a map somewhere in here. useful for finding the hidden portal.
  • *gasp* the x must be the hidden portal. just across the river.
  • it's to find the hidden portal to the shadow dimension and close it down.
  • also to slay a dragon.
  • map costume change
  • *puts map in backpack*
  • we leave tomorrow. goodnight, everyone.
  • and why are there lizards everywhere?
  • i've been looking everywhere for you!
  • icefly said to find you and bring you back home.
  • a quest? count me in!


  • background scene - moon1
    background scene - moon1
  • background scene - inside lair
    background scene - inside lair
  • background scene - dragon lair
    background scene - dragon lair
  • background scene - dragon lair1
    background scene - dragon lair1
  • background scene - dragon lair2
    background scene - dragon lair2
  • actor - blank
    actor - blank
  • actor1 - blank
    actor1 - blank
  • actor2 - blank
    actor2 - blank
  • actor2 - blank1
    actor2 - blank1
  • actor3 - blank
    actor3 - blank
  • actor3 - 1blank
    actor3 - 1blank
  • actor4 - actor
    actor4 - actor
  • actor5 - blank
    actor5 - blank

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