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Roblox quiz(original)

by Unsuitable Walk



Roblox quiz(original), a project made by Unsuitable Walk using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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basic math, simple variables, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, variables, delays

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Text Snippets

  • Roblox quiz(original)
  • welcome to robloxia!!!
  • you want to take the quiz right?
  • if you play roblox you hafe to take the quiz!
  • also, make sure you have been playing for about 3 years!im a minion in roblox.
  • who was the first roblox person?
  • yes, roblox made roblox... huh, a little wierd...
  • no! dan joined about 5 years after roblox was out of alpha!
  • this is a sample question, normaly your hp would go down, but not this time, be careful from now on.
  • no, he was one of the first to join
  • im not gonna lower your hp this time.
  • ok, moving on...
  • who made the game marce511 obby
  • yup, marce511. not popular. who ever made quiz is marce511.
  • no. polyhex did not make the marce511 obby
  • oh, did i mention that if you mess up 5 times, you bite the dust? yeah, sorry it make this a more popular game show!
  • how ever, im a nice guy... i'll let you keep your hp.... this time
  • ok, next question
  • what can you not do in get eaten?
  • yes! you can not die by geting crushed.
  • in super bomb survival, what is the first skill you get?
  • yup, it was the first skill you got!
  • this guy is ok...
  • nope! the fist skill you got was super jump!
  • ok, you have done well... or not.... moving on!
  • in most "simulater" games what do you do?
  • the same thing over and over... its so boring
  • yeah, most simulater games are bad... but these are good :mineing simulator car crash simulator and blob simulator.
  • what is polyhex real name?
  • nope, its victor. i will change your health.
  • is mad city have the most players or jail break?
  • no mad city is really populur
  • yes that is correct!!! mad city has the most people.
  • im pretty sure that most people would get this one wrong
  • to be honest, i dont like jail break all that much
  • for that i'll heal you
  • who made natural disaster survival?
  • yup he made natural disaster survival. his best roblox game
  • how do you make a game?
  • go to roblox studio.
  • go to
  • go to the sign that says roblox studio.
  • how do you make a family in have a family.
  • find a computer person
  • find someone you love
  • you start with a family
  • ugh... ok, you win... i may do a part 2, leave a like if you please! well if you play roblox like i do type on friends marce51 then turn to the next page if you see marce511 then tap or click that. if im online playing a battle game then i challenge you for a fight on roblox!
  • nope. you cant make a family.
  • please leave a like for a new game of roblox. if you play roblox go to my games on tynker just type angry fry🍟🍔 then go to my games see all my roblox games. then type on roblox in friends then if im online in a battle game lets who wins.
  • game over screen

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