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remix cos its so bad

by Candid Ostrich

originally from "remix cos its so bad" by Sympathetic Beaver



remix cos its so bad, a project made by Candid Ostrich using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


basic math, miscellaneous, simple loops, delays, simple conditionals, advanced math, simple variables, variables, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:221
  • #Actors:13
  • #Costumes:14
  • #Scripts:30

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  • remix cos its so bad
  • 35 acoustic bass drum
  • welcome back, newbie1!
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  • grumpy cat picture
  • a cat is a pet that has claws. unlike dogs, cats eat fish and mice so they are in fact, carnivouris! also, cats screech when they are threatened or ready to pounce unlike dog that bark instead!
  • sat is a verb (doing word) that means sitting down on something. also, sat is past tense! etc. sam sat on a chair
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