Reflex Tester: Speedball

by SpicySpaceSnake



This is a reflex tester that sees how many times you can catch a ball with a platform at increasing speeds.


Game, Cool / Wow, Animation, Physics Engine


basic math, simple variables, input/output, advanced math, simple conditionals, visibility, simple messaging, direction and turning, variables, detect conditions, simple motion, advanced motion, advanced messaging, text handling, simple events, program control, advanced events, simple drawing, expert physics, simple loops, conditional loops, miscellaneous, advanced costume handling, basic physics, expert math, resize actor, graphic effects

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  • #Actors:4
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  • #Scripts:15

Text Snippets

  • this is a reflex tester.
  • you control the platform by moving your pointer up or down.
  • try to catch the ball with the platform.
  • the launch speed will start out slow.
  • the launch speed of the ball will gradually get faster.
  • but first... would you like to activate nonstop mode?
  • and would you like to activate duoball? this puts two balls on the screen at once and is purely to test your skills; the extra green ball will not affect the speed or score.
  • try to beat my highscore of 79!
  • try to beat my highscore of 88!
  • try to beat my highscore of 82!
  • try to beat my highscore of 87!
  • click to launch next ball.
  • metal platform on
  • game over! congratulations, your score was:
  • ! stop and start to replay.
  • bottom message box


  • background scene - blue grid
    background scene - blue grid
  • playerplatform - metal platform on
    playerplatform - metal platform on
  • ball - orange ball
    ball - orange ball
  • robot - Troll-face
    robot - Troll-face
  • ballTWO - Green Ball
    ballTWO - Green Ball

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