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Re: Magic Howlers Club

by Stable Clue

remixed from "MagicHowlers club" by Slippers

originally from "MagicHowlers club" by Obsolete Stomach



Re: Magic Howlers Club, a project made by Stable Clue using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • Re: Magic Howlers Club
  • hello fellow magicbeings! the magical operations of the magichowlersclub is simple!
  • 1) be kind and courteous to others
  • 2) participate in at least some of our contests (optional)
  • 3) recreate your charater into a magical version of yourself, witch, wolf, owl, cat, dragon, any animal or magical being as long as its magical! it must have your colors (or use one if your oc’s) the one on the side is me!
  • glad your interested! its easy all you’ve gotta do is remix this and include your name and charater! you can not use this for anything else!!! btw its never to late to join! promise!
  • if you see this it means its related to the magichowlers club
  • bottom message box
  • me, howlingmoon1111,
  • member count, (2)
  • hey! i’m jaguarfox . i’d love to join! my charectar is phanton, a wolf thats half dragon
  • yeah, no. owo. im ttd not jaguar fox. plus, phantom is a shapshifter, not half dragon. and radio is half dragon oof. im using this skywing chiald, ray. owo, like, sun ray ray. and if i was using phantom, i’d make it accurate, heres what it would look like
  • yeah. now it’s up to date owo - ttd ( two tailed dragon )

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