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RE: ice wolf

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remixed from "RE: re: FOR ICE WOLF" by Obsolete Stomach



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Text Snippets

  • i did the toothpaste thing...
  • i thought you would laugh... heh...
  • just tryin to make everyone happy :l
  • oh and *cough* um...
  • cahn weh beh frands xd
  • can we be friends?....
  • i sure hope you say yes because i already made merch....
  • Cahn Weh Beh Frands XD
  • oh ma god i’m so sorry! it was on mc’s page, so i thought it was her artwork, and it she claimed that it was hers, so sorry! thanks for the merch..ahshsigzoa! ofc we can be friends, i’m sorry suhiqxiiojedw!! ok, sooo,, let’s be tf’s now! yay! sorry! you’re awesome- your art, you,,, well,, everything you do is awesome! bye,, -ice wolf
  • eheh, thanks! i didnt meant to make you feel bad or anything i just really thought you were cool, and well, i still do xd
  • thanks for being so kind about it though, i was scared that the merch wasnt good enough
  • i may or may not of made more.... heh...
  • but tysm! i love your art, your super talented!
  • thanks, right back at you! you’re one amazing girl! <3 wanna do a collab?
  • bro thank you! im making you fanart rn! youre awesome