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Raise a Ninja Cat 2 1

by Oafish Trust

originally from "Raise a Ninja Cat 2" by Growling Whirlwind



Raise a Ninja Cat 2 1, a project made by Oafish Trust using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Music, Animation, Animals


delays, basic math, miscellaneous, variables, simple conditionals, simple loops, simple variables

  • #Lines:353
  • #Actors:6
  • #Costumes:18
  • #Scripts:18

Text Snippets

  • Raise a Ninja Cat 2 1
  • master routine done
  • woah!kitty cat just leveled up 4 times!
  • i think he definently aced the master routine!
  • now, seeing that he is a master ninja cat, we better give him his certificate.
  • thanks for playing! hope you enjoyed it!
  • select the skill you want to practice.
  • now it’s time to put kitty cat’s skills to the test.
  • let’s see if he can do the master routine.
  • switched this from on start to "when i receive start" so that you can see the cover page
  • one day you are walking down the street, when you see an abandoned kitten.
  • you decide to take it home and raise it.
  • after a few weeks you see the potential in the kitten.
  • you decide to teach it how to be a ninja. you decide to name it kitty cat!
  • master skills to level up.
  • reach level 10 to become a master ninja cat!
  • we will rock you music
  • sad farewell music
  • removed both on start blocks, need to show, wait and then hide