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💙R3b3cca’s News!💙

by R3b3cca



💙R3b3cca’s News!💙, a project made by R3b3cca using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, My News, Shout-Out, Encouragement


input/output, simple events, text handling, music and instruments, delays, simple loops, simple costume handling, direction and turning, advanced costume handling

  • #Lines:60
  • #Actors:9
  • #Costumes:13
  • #Scripts:13

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  • 💙R3b3cca’s News!💙
  • tynker has recently started the 2018 summer code-a-thon! to participate in this you must publish projects during the weeks. the winners of each week will receive a tynker t-shirt!
  • week 1 theme - fireworks 🎇🎆🎇 week 2 theme - pets 🐾🐾🐾 week 3 theme - cooking 🍰🍔🥓 week 4 theme - change the world 💧🌳☀️ week 5 theme - create a quiz 👨🏼‍💼👩🏽‍💼 week 6 theme - create a boss battle ⚡️💨🔥💥
  • some games have been published lately including my news, fishing for money and my code-a-thon entries!
  • all news projects are inspired by kenzie! she is the original creator of news projects, not me! thanks for understanding! 💙💙
  • q. how long have you been using tynker? a. just over a year now!
  • q. who is your favourite tynkerer? a. there are lots of awesome coders out there so i don’t have a favourite one.
  • q. what is your favourite animal? a. i don’t know. probably a dog or a jellyfish.
  • q. do you code with your friends? a. no, we did tynker in primary school and everyone else had their accounts deleted, except me because i l💙ve tynker!!!
  • q. advice fo new tynkerers? a. start with tutorial projects, then work your way up to more complex projects. remember to keep the projects interesting!
  • drawing copy copy

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