Are you smart? (Pick a door edition

by Rose

remixed from "Quiz" by Studious Poem

originally from "Quiz" by Earthy Robot



Ask a question with multiple choice answers. Can you build a game of 20 questions?


Game, Trivia, Art, Animals, Puzzle, Animation


simple variables, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, variables

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Text Snippets

  • Are you smart? (Pick a door edition
  • Ask a question with multiple choice answers. Can you build a game of 20 questions?
  • monkey doodle music
  • old mcdonald music
  • don't judge my weirdness. i was only 7 years old when i made this
  • may we have your name?
  • ok, back to you, johnny
  • we will rock you music
  • old mcDonald music
  • ok kids, time for the are you smart challenge! let's see is
  • question 1. how much stars are there on the american flag?
  • question 2. if 144 kids are at summer camp, and they have 12 groups, then how much kids are there in each group?
  • better luck next time!
  • question 3. what date is valentine's day?
  • question 4. what is the capital of america?
  • question 5. what does "satisfactory" mean?
  • it's the same as ok
  • it's not a word!
  • question 6. what is my name?
  • you have a great memory,
  • question 7. 7x7=
  • not this time but so far
  • is doing amazing!
  • question 8. how many degrees on a compas?
  • question 9. do ray mi. which one is next?
  • maybe next time,
  • question 10. (last question) what is the capital of ireland?
  • well, folks! it's time too see how smart
  • % smart so they get to pick a door!
  • doesn't get a prize.
  • where will you drive to,
  • cool, i'd love to go to
  • what will you name the puppy?
  • remember to love and play with
  • this project was made by rose.


  • background scene - Drawing
    background scene - Drawing
  • Kid - cartoon kids 07
    Kid - cartoon kids 07
  • actor - actor
    actor - actor
  • actor1 - actor
    actor1 - actor
  • actor2 - actor
    actor2 - actor
  • actor3 - actor
    actor3 - actor
  • drawing212 - drawing
    drawing212 - drawing

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