Question time! (gamers only) PART III

by Shocked Casserole



Question time! (gamers only) PART III, a project made by Shocked Casserole using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



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  • Question time! (gamers only) PART III
  • hey guys it's me again with some more questions for u.
  • so without any more further distractions, let's do this.
  • how many stars are there in super mario 64?
  • which is not a playable character in new super mario bros. u
  • which enemies give you the beam/flare beam powerups?
  • waddle doo, ultra waddle doo
  • hothead, ultra hothead
  • which statement is true about sonic generations?
  • tails is not in the game
  • which game does steve belong in?
  • super mario bros
  • i honestly dont know
  • whoops 😆 silly me. ok back to the questions...
  • what system is paper mario on?
  • atari (the game is pretty old)
  • has kirby ever had a mech suit?
  • yes (kirby planet robobot)
  • no (theres no such thing as that game)
  • are we out of time?
  • well, see ya next time! peace out


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    background scene - drawing

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Question time! (gamers only) PART III