project screenshot

Prison Escape 1

by Serene Drain

originally from "Prison Escape" by Mememan



Prison Escape 1, a project made by Serene Drain using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, input/output, advanced costume handling, variables, basic math, simple conditionals, simple variables, miscellaneous, simple sound playing, resize actor, delays, simple loops, simple costume handling

  • #Lines:435
  • #Actors:29
  • #Costumes:42
  • #Scripts:100

Text Snippets

  • i could use this for something...
  • the spoon’s too weak...
  • ooh! way too bright!
  • i love blockcity!!
  • what does this open?
  • it’s locked...
  • an electrical box??
  • can’t reach it...
  • a pair of tongs...
  • works on computers now!!
  • welcome to meme prison!
  • touch stuff to see what it does!
  • no tunnel behind this...
  • the warden’s keycard?
  • let’s just get out now...
  • my mallet from earlier!
  • guess we can all leave now... woohoo!
  • you freed everyone! (and defeated the evil nye.n.catt!!)
  • you escaped! (try the other ending)
  • not opening until i fix the system...
  • drawing copy copy
  • welcome to blockcity!
  • welcome... joe bob
  • open elevator door
  • password to unlock
  • open armored door
  • access granted *whirr*
  • open office door
  • aah! someone escaped! send in guards!
  • bottom message box