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Potion Maker 1

by Bogus Quiz

originally from "Potion Maker" by Medium Camp



Potion Maker 1, a project made by Bogus Quiz using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Simulator, Art, Virtual Friend, Game


simple messaging, visibility, delays, variables, simple sound playing, detect conditions, simple events, simple motion, advanced motion, simple variables, simple loops, advanced events, basic math, input/output, advanced math, conditional wait, conditional loops, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, actor properties, advanced costume handling, direction and turning, resize actor, layers, program control

  • #Lines:543
  • #Actors:15
  • #Costumes:19
  • #Scripts:105

Text Snippets

  • can you help me make my potions?
  • my ingredients are too heavy and massive, so can you drop a pair of items in the cauldron?
  • after you mix two items, drag the bottle in the cauldron to make a potion.
  • wait for the potions to stop moving, then grab it.
  • test your potions on the rat.
  • don't overfeed him and wait for his potion effects to wear off.
  • oh, you overfed the rat.
  • well, what can you do?
  • dusty tooth made
  • dusty shroom made
  • flower dust made
  • poison shroom made
  • sharp flower made
  • flower shroom made
  • wow, you made all the potions.
  • thanks for helping me.
  • flower shroom potion
  • flower shroom done
  • flower shroom drink
  • dusty shroom drink
  • poison shroom drink
  • sharp flower drink
  • flower dust drink
  • dusty tooth drink
  • dusty shroom potion
  • dusty shroom done
  • poison shroom potion
  • poison shroom done
  • flower dust potion
  • flower dust done
  • dusty tooth potion
  • dusty tooth done
  • sharp flower done
  • sharp flower potion