Polar Quiz

by ROAR!

remixed from "Week 8: Gone Fishing" by Hapless Antonym

originally from "Week 8: Gone Fishing - SAMPLE" by Hapless Antonym



How much do you know about polar bears? Take this quiz to find out!


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Text Snippets

  • friendly partnership music
  • welcome to my polar region quiz!
  • my first name is po.
  • what is my surname?
  • right!...sadly not a very creative name.
  • polar bears sometimes put snow on their noses for camouflage.
  • great job! lots of people believe this myth.
  • no! snow is cold! we don't like it on our noses!
  • are penguins our neighbours?
  • penguins live on the other side of the world-literally!
  • right! though i always wanted to see a penguin.
  • out of the choices, what do i eat?
  • winnie-the-pooh.
  • correct! you should try them!
  • no, but you should try eating seal.
  • what color is my skin?
  • you are so smart!
  • black, to soak up sun.
  • really. the white is fur.
  • who are my bigger cousins?
  • awesome! we're the biggest and the best!
  • no, we're the biggest!
  • i hope you enjoyed this quiz by po lar! bye!


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    background scene - blank
  • background scene - Iceberg Ocean
    background scene - Iceberg Ocean
  • background scene - Calm River
    background scene - Calm River
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