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Pokemon battle & catch 2

by Mellow Tadpole

originally from "Pokemon battle & catch" by Square Judge



Pokemon battle & catch 2, a project made by Mellow Tadpole using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Game, Simulator, Art, Animation, Digital Art


simple variables, basic math, visibility, input/output, simple events, miscellaneous, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, variables, advanced messaging, advanced events, simple messaging, detect conditions, simple motion, delays, resize actor, advanced math, direction and turning, simple loops, advanced motion, simple sound playing, conditional loops, program control, string handling

  • #Lines:1345
  • #Actors:24
  • #Costumes:45
  • #Scripts:147

Text Snippets

  • Pokemon battle & catch 2
  • caterpie used tackle!
  • caterpie used string shot!
  • caterpie used bug bite!
  • caterpie used poison sting!
  • rattata used tackle!
  • rattata used tail whip!
  • 's guard was lowered!
  • rattata used quick attack!
  • rattata used endeavor!
  • sharpedo used tackle!
  • sharpedo used leer!
  • was blinded by a light!
  • sharpedo use bite wing attack!
  • sharpedo used flood!
  • drag a pokémon on the poké ball to make it your partner
  • you threw a pokeball at the
  • used hydro pump!
  • used water pulse!
  • used rapid spin!
  • used flame wheel!
  • used smokescreen!
  • cannot see a thing!
  • used dragon rage!
  • used thunderbolt!
  • used electro ball!
  • used thunder wave!
  • is paralysed and may not be able to move
  • used quick attack!
  • used razor leaf!
  • used energy ball!
  • it became extra strong!
  • used tail whip!
  • used string shot!
  • used poison sting!
  • used wing attack!
  • dang! it escaped!
  • wilderness flash
  • route 1: under construction needs 100 <3 to build read this if you are stuck: press the switch pokemon button if you want to switch, pokemon you catch will now appear draggable in this menu. to start a wild pokemon battle, walk into a patch of grass with your pokemon. sometimes, nothing will happen but most of the time you will encounter a wild pokemon. to fight, click one of four moves when asked what will your pokemon do? , to try and catch the pokemon click the fith option, catch, when in battle. right now you can choose from 4 starting pokemon, and you can encounter catch, and play as 3 more pokemon, caterpie, pidgey and rattata. if something weird is happening it might be a glitch, restart the game if it glitches. hope this helped you!