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Pointless 1 (.17)

by UTheDev



Pointless 1 (.17), a project made by UTheDev using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, App, Art, My News, Animation, Storytelling, Virtual Friend, Social


basic math, delays, simple sound playing, functions, simple loops, variables, simple variables, lists, advanced math, conditional loops, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:483
  • #Actors:28
  • #Costumes:38
  • #Scripts:132

Text Snippets

  • Pointless 1 (.17)
  • are you sure. if you press continue, the back button will disappear.
  • old mcdonald music
  • welcome to my game. in the end hit "done" and rate on how much point in the game there was. to make this game even more pointless, this game isn't completely coded. (v1.17) - evade: testing notice update
  • chivalrous music
  • old mcDonald music
  • sorry, this blob is not hungry.
  • press the scribble to say something else.
  • thank you, credits by me.
  • sorry. have a question or comment?
  • fatal error literally
  • this is the homepage. there are no upper pages.
  • soundtrueorfalse
  • much the north america?
  • sorry progress is never saved in this game. continuing will make mostly everything in this program stop.
  • mexico or canada
  • credits button 2
  • developed by officialuthedev
  • what's the password?
  • tap me to play the water game.
  • tap a theme for preview. tap the check button to save.
  • soundtrueorfalse1
  • get the pointless 2.0 version update to use this feature.
  • "what..." you might ask. it is just a matter of the fact that loading signs cannot run on the tynker v4.4.20 app. i want to make loading signs availible for everybody (phones are unfortunately low on luck) so now, i came up with the idea of creating the 2nd generation; the ultimate refreshment of loading signs. -uthedev
  • evade is in published alpha - lots of content added
  • enter a password
  • bottom message box
  • lock enabled - stop button disabled
  • what is this -o1re326
  • go away start button, it's my turn to shine!
  • evade is now out in alpha! help me test out the game configuration (by pressing play) and the performance (sometimes it breaks when you spam)