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by Instructive Infant

remixed from "Pac-Man 1" by Finished Swivel

originally from "Pac-Man" by s_zeraj



Pac-Man, a project made by Instructive Infant using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




visibility, simple events, detect conditions, advanced events, delays, input/output, simple messaging, basic math, advanced costume handling, simple loops, advanced motion, simple motion, simple sound playing, layers, simple conditionals, program control, direction and turning, resize actor, simple costume handling, pen color, color detection, text handling

  • #Lines:769
  • #Actors:59
  • #Costumes:68
  • #Scripts:245

Text Snippets

  • welcome to the game pac-man!
  • this game will not contain the rules. they will somewhere else. also some tips.
  • hope you enjoy it!
  • times up! next level!
  • wait! did you eat all the pelats though? (incuding the pink ones?)
  • oh! okay then. lets continue!
  • oh! okay then. i'll give you 30 more seconds.
  • alright. now times up, even if you didn't get all of them (which i'm expecting).πŸ˜•
  • ready? 3, 2, 1, go!
  • times up! well, that was fun.
  • would you like to go on?
  • alrighty then! lets keep going. (you have two more levels left though.)
  • these two levels are a bit different. they have fruits in them.
  • if you eat a fruit, one of the ghosts will disapear.
  • also, that ghost will stay vanished!
  • oh, and a tip for you: i couldn't find a way to make it stay vanished, so eat the pink pellats first.
  • but be warned: the fruit doesn't stay in it's place forever.
  • it will pop up somewhere, and then disapear.
  • there will be a cherry and a peach.
  • times up! how did you do?
  • time for the next level!
  • thanks for playing! i hope you liked it!
  • food111111111111
  • food1111111111111
  • food111111111112
  • food1111111111121
  • food11111111111211
  • food1111111111122
  • food11111111111221
  • food111111111112211
  • food1111111111122111
  • food11111111111221111
  • food111111111112211111
  • food11111111111222
  • food111111111112221
  • food1111111111122211
  • food11111111111222111
  • food111111111112221111
  • food1111111111122211111
  • food11111111111222111111
  • food111111111112221111111
  • food1111111111122211111111
  • food1111111111122211111112
  • food11111111111222111111121
  • food111111111112221111111211
  • food1111111111122211111112111
  • food11111111111222111111121111
  • food11111111111222111111121112
  • food111111111112221111111211121
  • food1111111111122211111112111211
  • food11111111111222111111121112111
  • food111111111112221111111211121111
  • food111111111112221111111211111
  • food1111111111122211111112111111
  • food11111111111222111111121111111
  • rule #1: to make pac-man move, tap on the screen. rule #2: try to collect all of the food before time runs out. you have a minute and a half. tip #1: if you go to the pink pellats, you can go faster. tip #2: if you touch the walls, they take you to where you started, also the limits, and the ghosts, so watch out! rule and tip #3: have fun!