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One Week at Croc’s 4 - Demo 1

by Snappy Tidings

originally from "One Week at Croc’s 4 - Demo" by LildawgGaming



One Week at Croc’s 4 - Demo 1, a project made by Snappy Tidings using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




simple messaging, visibility, input/output, simple events, simple sound playing, delays, variables, basic math, simple variables, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, simple loops, music and instruments, resize actor, miscellaneous, program control

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Text Snippets

  • One Week at Croc’s 4 - Demo 1
  • hello, dude? you there?
  • you remember why you are here right?
  • they recently lifted the ban on animatronics recently and we must find the ones that were built before the ban.
  • a resturant was supposed to be opened here, but thanks to the ban, it was shut down.
  • luckily, the government decided to keep the animatronics clean here.
  • so they should look brand new. ok, you should be in the front lobby.
  • i found a map of the building. that front window is the pay station, where you pay to enter the main dining area.
  • the door seems locked, hold on a minute.
  • ok, sorry about that. i had to shut off the power.
  • we can move on now. i unlocked the door.
  • nothing here, keep going forward. the showstage and main dining hall is ahead.
  • new lapis appearance
  • oh yeah, baby! we found something! this however seems to be a seperate stage.
  • it seems that this was the new design for lapis.
  • maybe the other characters are here as well.
  • try looking around for the other characters. they could be in the second dining room, or the storage room.
  • new lapis leaves
  • ???: what is someone doing here?
  • ???: are you here to free us?
  • ???: what you need to do is simple..... find him....
  • wow, the power here sucks.... that is the second time it has gone out.
  • nevermind, let’s check the other stage.
  • new croc appearance
  • new webs appearance
  • new athleto appearance
  • woah..... these things are futuristic....
  • it’s like a sci-fi....
  • welp, it is time for your first night watching the animatronics.
  • ok, you have a few things at your disposal.
  • the old lapis is in the room next to you. the one with the window.
  • if he happens to disappear. just use the sound systems to bring him back.
  • there used to be this thing where the animatronics would follow sound. i wonder if it would work on all of them.
  • you should also have a camera system.
  • if any of the newer animatronics begin to move. use the jammer.
  • i would also be weary of the vents. if anyone is in cam 7, they might be trying yo get in the vents. you will hear a siren when this happens ok?
  • new lapis active
  • new hopper active
  • camera systems down
  • adventurous music
  • welcome back my friend. interestingly, we found out how to turn on the other two tomarrow animatronics
  • today, we will try and find some information about the old resturant.
  • i think there should be information in the front desk.
  • tomarrow webs: i see you!
  • let’s get tonight over with....
  • we must quickly move forward.
  • let’s read what we found!
  • birthday ends horribly: oct 1916
  • hopper and athleto’s success: feb 1972
  • incident at hopper and athleto’s: jan 1985
  • hopper and athleto’s merges with croc’s: jul 1985
  • croc’s shuts down after health issues: nov 1987
  • animatronics banned: sep 2016
  • fire at warehouse: sep 2016
  • wow.... this is amazing....
  • the information here!
  • anyways, it is almost 12 am. get to the office.
  • there is a door in cam 2. if an animatronic from outside for some reason is in this camera, shut the door, but be careful, it has a power limit unlike everything else.
  • i will get you ethan....
  • i know you are there.....
  • i’ll be back next time....
  • Adventurous Music
  • new lapis jumpscare
  • new croc jumpscare
  • new webs jumpscare
  • tommarow athleto
  • new athleto active
  • new athleto jumpscare
  • new hopper jumpscare
  • athleto jumpscare

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