by CatNinja

remixed from "is this even right" by Resonant Canopy

originally from "Bird Mayhem" by Lean Salmon



Tap each bird to clone it! How many can you clone? See how you can clone or delete Actors in code. Can you detect when they collide and add a sound effect?


delays, input/output, simple costume handling, simple events, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, visibility, simple sound playing, simple loops, music and instruments

  • #Lines:26
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:5
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • nyan cat [origin
  • breaking news! a flying cat in ninja clothes has been spotted!
  • news: a pop-tart cat farting rainbows has been spotted in the sky, originally mistaken as a weird shooting star.
  • nyan cat comes to life: a girl was playing nyan cat on the computer when nyan cat suddenly burst out of the screen! (sorry if your offended.)
  • shocking discoveries! - a man playing pokemon go was going to catch a pikachu. he swiped to throw the ball, and it hit nyan cat. “i wanted a pikachu, not this!” he said. nyan cat was suddenly fused with pikachu. because nyan cat had pikachu instincts, nyan cat saw a charger plugged in, and nyan cat unplugged it. nyan cat tried to swallow it and got electrocuted. sadly, the ambulance arrived too late, and found nyan cat dead. nyan cat was buried, and pokemon go was sued, but everyone was still sad. some people say that nyan cat might come back after all, nyan cat is not a regular cat.
  • nyan cat comes back to life - we all thought nyan cat was dead, after the deadly incident involving chargers, electrocution, and pokemon go. but, boy, were we wrong. one day a god named horus walked through the graveyard. he wanted to know where the famous nyan cat was buried. it wasn’t hard to find. there was a gigantic stone tombstone painted with rainbow stripes and pop-tarts. it was covered in flowers. “a guy this special deserves a proper burial.” said horus. “modern people these days.” so he nuked the tombstone, somehow managed not to blow up nyan cat, and pulled out the body. horus mummified him. then, nyan cat awoke. nyan cat was wrapped in bandages, but he was still the same old nyan cat. everyone cheered that nyan cat was alive and not electrocuted. it was october 31, so the day went down in history. so remember children, that when halloween (october 31) rolls around, be sure to celebrate nyan cat day!


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • background scene - End
    background scene - End
  • image - Ninja
    image - Ninja
  • image - Classic
    image - Classic
  • image - Tech
    image - Tech
  • image - Pikachu
    image - Pikachu
  • image - Mummy
    image - Mummy