project screenshot 5.1

by Mr. Awesome

originally from "Joystick Control" by Parched Pufferfish


Description 5.1, a project made by Mr. Awesome using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Sports, Animation, Art


variables, basic math, simple variables, delays, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, simple loops, advanced math, advanced string handling, simple sound playing, string handling, advanced loops, expert math, conditional loops, functions

  • #Lines:5078
  • #Actors:106
  • #Costumes:130
  • #Scripts:642

Text Snippets

  • opponent speed 2
  • made by mr. awesome. give credit to remix
  • go to the game menu and click on the "instructions" button to read all the instructions. i strongly suggest reading them. they can be reached at anytime.
  • what do you want your name to be?
  • would you like to load a previous games?
  • what mode do you want to start with? (you can always change it in the menu)
  • what mode do you want your opponent to start with?
  • blue scores! (5)
  • blue scores! (4)
  • blue scores! (3)
  • blue scores! (2)
  • blue scores! (1)
  • what do you want to change your name to?
  • it was a draw! you won 10 xp points. with that draw, you have now completed the entire game!
  • you have now completed the game
  • times! you can hard reset and see how many times you can complete the game. (you will have to hard reset then save game for times completed to carry over).
  • it was a draw! you won 10 xp points. do you want to rematch?
  • upcoming xp points
  • you won! you won
  • xp points! with that win, you have now completed the entire game!
  • xp points! do you want to rematch?
  • you lost! you lost
  • coins and 55 xp points. do you want to rematch?
  • with that purchase, you have now completed the entire game!
  • are you sure you want to hard reset? everything except for times completed will be reset.
  • erasing all data...
  • dark red ball bought?
  • orange ball bought?
  • yellow ball bought?
  • green ball bought
  • blue ball bought
  • grudge match bought?
  • mini game bought?
  • grudge match yes/no
  • mini game yes/no
  • are you sure you want to soft reset? your purchases and times completed will be saved, but everything else will be reset.
  • impossible/blue ball
  • dark red/orange ball
  • yellow/green ball
  • grudge/mini game
  • letter one of day
  • letter two of day
  • times completed #
  • your game code is:
  • there is no need to save.
  • please type in code. warning! current progress will be overwritten. to cancel, type "cancel" into the text box.
  • invalid code. please try again.
  • welcome back! you get 10 coins as the daily prize!
  • close game options
  • open game options
  • opponent's score:
  • hard mode activated
  • easy mode activated
  • normal mode activated
  • impossible mode activated
  • hard mode chosen
  • normal mode chosen
  • esay mode chosen
  • easy mode activated!
  • normal mode activated!
  • hard mode activated!
  • impossible mode activated!
  • change log for 5.1 1. fixed the mini game timer. 2. deleted grudge match mode. 3. changed the save/load code because i deleted grudge match. 4. changed the instructions a little bit.
  • instructions for 5.1: - how to play: right now you are the circle that you named. the purple circle is the soccer ball. the other circle is your opponent. use the joystick in the bottom left corner to control yourself. push the ball into your opponent's goal. if the ball gets pushed into a corner or along an edge, you can tap on the ball to reset it. the black box in the upper left corner controls the difficulty level of your opponent while on game mode. - - the point of the game: - game mode: the point of game mode is to score more points than your opponent. every game you will have 2 minutes to play. whoever is winning after time is up is the winner. when a player scores, there will be a countdown, so you are able to get back to your side. also, you will not be able to enter the circle that is in the middle of the field while the countdown is going to prevent you from having an unfair advantage. - coins: you earn coins by winning games and scoring goals. you can then spend the coins on different modes or balls. this is how many coins you get or lose for certain things: - win on easy mode: $15 coins win on normal mode: $40 coins win on hard mode: $60 coins win on impossible mode: $75 coins every goal you score: $2 coins every goal opponenet scores: -$2 coins loss: -$20 coins draw: $0 coins - xp points: xp points are an overall score for the game. you can't spend xp points, but you can buy some extra xp. when you reach a certain amount of xp points, your rank will change and you will get a new badge (see shop). you earn xp points by winning games. - win on easy mode: 25 xp points win on normal mode: 50 xp points win on hard mode: 75 xp points win on impossible mode: 100 xp points loss: -55 xp points draw: 10 xp points
  • change name - $15 coins
  • impossible mode - $125 coins
  • dark red ball - $35 coins
  • change to dark red ball
  • ball set to dark red
  • orange ball - $35 coins
  • change to orange ball
  • ball set to orange
  • ball set to purple
  • change to purple ball
  • yellow ball - $35 coins
  • change to yellow ball
  • ball set to yellow
  • drawing322111111
  • green ball - $35 coins
  • change to green ball
  • ball set to green
  • drawing3221111111
  • blue ball - $35 coins
  • change to blue ball
  • ball set to blue
  • made by: mr. awesome
  • change to regular mode
  • mini game - $75 coins
  • change to mini game
  • mini game info battle your opponent in a fast paced 1:00 minute game! the first to score is usually the first to win.
  • impossible mode info watch as your opponent will turn invisible for a couple of seconds then back to visible in this nearly impossible game mode! if you're feeling confident, this is this the game mode to buy!
  • rank: rookie xp points: 0-599
  • rank: average xp points: 600-699
  • rank: pro xp points 700-799
  • rank: all star xp points: 800-899
  • rank: legend xp points 900-999
  • rank: master xp points: 1000+
  • buy 10 xp points - $15 coins
  • xp points rankings
  • drawing411111111
  • drawing411111112
  • drawing4111111121
  • drawing121111121
  • drawing121111122
  • drawing1211111211
  • drawing322111211
  • buy 1 nitro - $25 coins
  • nitro info nitros are items that you can use during any game. when you use one, you will have 30 seconds that you will be able to move fast. however, if you quit a game while you are using one, your nitro will be wasted.