My q and a dire wolf

by Dir3wolfaplha



My q and a dire wolf, a project made by Dir3wolfaplha using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Cool / Wow, Art, Animation, Storytelling, Game, Virtual Friend

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Text Snippets

  • hello today we will be doing q an a
  • bottom message box
  • today i dire wolf will be answering a few qeustions
  • q what is your fav movie a does water ship down count?
  • q do you play fortnite a no
  • q fav song a angel of darkness
  • q age a ten an a half
  • q what state do you live in a wisconson boi ps i dont like chese
  • q gender a no matter how many times i say it you sitll ask me i am a boi


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