My Pro game

by Psychotic Bakery

originally from "My Project 5" by Decisive Beat



My Pro game, a project made by Psychotic Bakery using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, basic math, direction and turning, advanced animation, simple events, simple motion, simple loops, detect conditions, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:56
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:1
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • learning about egupt might be scary i know the vodieo they picked was about egipt and it told you alot but waht kind of religeoin did they have
  • and a mesige to that video i liked it i totaly respect it
  • but right now im gonna tell you way back
  • yes that sounds boering
  • its realy intresting
  • that means studying about africa
  • now befor egipt it was even ruffer
  • would you like to be this women
  • no she seems hungrey and tierd
  • yes you would not and belive it or not your related to her its not her real name but scientests call her lucy
  • no you would not want to be her she is like starving and her children to
  • all we had back then was water leaves some animals
  • hair brushes yes i said hairbrushes
  • ya they had hair brushes and they put hiroglifics on ps that word hiroglifics means anshent writing
  • they had very curly hair and for that hair there was won thing to do brush it
  • do you think that egept stayed egept
  • no the egept you new was actully nooben
  • nobeia was a place that thoght they were a better egepthoins
  • ok correct but if your getting everything rigt and you alredy know then quit
  • but old egept had a hero...
  • one part of egept was saved by a woemen weoryer she was said to have the figure of a man
  • utell she deid noobeia took over egept
  • after egept we had to evolve more


  • background scene - drawing1
    background scene - drawing1
  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • background scene - drawing2
    background scene - drawing2
  • background scene - drawing3
    background scene - drawing3
  • background scene - drawing4
    background scene - drawing4