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My Pet Puppy BETA v2 1

by Spherical Scepter



My Pet Puppy BETA v2 1, a project made by Spherical Scepter using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Food & Drink, Music, Art, Animation, Animals, Taking Care Of, Virtual Friend


simple conditionals, delays, basic math, miscellaneous, advanced math, simple variables, simple loops, conditional loops, variables, advanced loops

  • #Lines:679
  • #Actors:27
  • #Costumes:45
  • #Scripts:157

Text Snippets

  • My Pet Puppy BETA v2 1
  • contemperary room
  • plz ❤️ this project!
  • and please don't copy.
  • you meet a puppy you really like at the animal shelter. you are ready to take care of him/her.
  • what is your puppy's name?
  • the puppy has been named!!
  • feed and play with
  • , as he/she likes you a lot and wants you to take good care of him/her!
  • have fun playing!!!
  • i, artsystudios8921, thinks (he's/she's) great.
  • i don't like him/her.
  • i am not sure if i like him/her.
  • i totally agree!
  • too bad. i think
  • let me know in a little while.

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