my invention

by Novel Color



my invention, a project made by Novel Color using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling, Cool / Wow


input/output, simple loops, delays, simple costume handling, graphic effects, functions, lists, advanced costume handling, program control, string handling, simple messaging, simple events

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  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:3
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Text Snippets

  • i have got a idea for a machine that sucks up greenhouse gasses which can help the world with pollution
  • its called the cdhp or the carbon dioxide handling prototype.
  • since my machine sucks up gasses or greenhouse gasses it lets our atmosphere release heat so our polar ice caps wont melt
  • its slogan i made up for it is the earth,and well save it.
  • i hope it will work so the world will be saved!!
  • do you like my invention??
  • its on my right by the way
  • well thats pretty much it for today so...........bye


  • background scene - Alien Building
    background scene - Alien Building
  • drawing - Boy 14
    drawing - Boy 14
  • drawing1 - drawing1
    drawing1 - drawing1
  • drawing2 - drawing
    drawing2 - drawing

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