My Favorite Tynkerers!

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My Favorite Tynkerers!, a project made by rednoodles (moved) using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


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  • My Favorite Tynkerers!
  • hello! today i will be doing a list of my favorite tynkerers. (is that even a word?)
  • sorry if you aren’t listed, all tynkerers are amazing, and just keep coding and soon you’ll be the best coder ever!
  • my favorites are... rainbowtacocat, zgames, purpleberry, falcon111, ajthewillow, girlguru, michael, and ben. the last 2 are my friends :p
  • i will list a reason for each person.
  • rainbowtacocat- you make awesome projects, and they are super cool. you and zgames are my all-time favorites!
  • zgames- your art is amazing, and so are your animations! you and rainbowtacocat are my 2 all-time favorites!
  • purpleberry- you make such fun games, and they probably took a really long time to make!
  • falcon111- you make such adorable animal games! you are so good at drawing animals!
  • ajthewillow- your projects are super awesome and my favorite is bob. i’m sure that there are tons of people who like bob xd
  • girlguru- your projects are so creative! i love them so much.
  • michael- give me back the cookie you stole from me last week boi ( michael is meh friend ) your projects are good too xd
  • ben- stop breaking my pencillssssss oh and your projects are good xd
  • the last 2 were a joke. michael and ben are my friends n stuff. anyway, those were my fav tynkerers!


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